Best Edox Watches Review (Updated, 2022)

A watch is an accessory that defines an individual’s personality. Hence choices and preferences differ from one person to another. Finding a good brand that sells watches for all kinds of people with different tastes can be tricky.

Best Edox Watches at a glance:

  • Edox Men’s 3BU AIN Delfin Analog Display
  • Edox Chronodakar Men’s Analog

Edox is a brand that started in 1884 by Christian Ruefli-Flury, who was a man driven with a passion for timepieces. He had his collection of unique pocket watches and different timepieces. In 1884 he decided to promote his passion for business and started this company.

Since then, the company has only seen improvements and advancements in its craftsmanship and manufacturing.

Providing you with watches that look this elegant and classy, this brand is no less than any luxury brand. You also have a wide range to choose from. No matter what your style is, you’ll find something.

Not only do these watches come in beautiful styles, but they are also quite durable. Made with high-quality materials by the best people who have been trained for years, these watches are going to last forever.

While having different styles for everyone to choose from, the company also thinks about people’s budgets. The price range is diverse, and so people with all kinds of budget limitations can find something.

This is truly a revolutionary brand that does deserve more credit. We can assure you that a purchase from this brand won’t let you down.

Edox Delfin Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch


If you’re looking for a classy watch with a retro vibe that you can wear from AM to PM at any office meeting or casual get together, this is the one for you.

This classic piece is made with a stainless steel casing and band. The watch will instantly lift any attire and make you look more professional and confident. Original and bold watches like these never go out of style. You can use this to accessorize your getup on any occasion.

At a price point like this, you’ll never get a watch with Swiss Quartz Movement. But Edox makes it possible for you to have the best quality at a reasonable price. At first glance, you’ll be able to tell how smooth this timepiece is.

Sapphire crystal protects the glass from getting any stains or scratches and increases the longevity of the product. Being waterproof also plays a role in that factor.

Edox Chronodakar Analog Swiss Quartz Watch


This stylish, fun, and quirky dress watch will surely turn some heads.

Watches like this can be worn to both the office and parties. The black rubber gives off a cool and bold vibe that brings your whole outfit together.

A strap made out of rubber makes this watch shockproof and also quite comfortable. Sapphire crystal glass protects from scratches and dents.

Although made from rubber, this one is quite durable and will last you a long time, thanks to the titanium casing.

No need to worry about your watch getting wet and ruined anymore because this one is waterproof for up to 100m. On top of that, the product also features a unique Japanese Automatic Movement.

Analog watches like this make you look classy, elegant, fun, and approachable. Cases with large diameters like this one add some zest to any boring outfit. This is a must-have watch for any collector.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

No matter how high quality a brand and their watch is, they all need some maintenance. This does not mean that the watch is bad or not long-lasting. All the components that build up your watch need some cleaning because of all the damages done by pollution and regular use.

To keep your Edox watch working well, you need to take the product for maintenance and repairs every three to five years. The company itself is happy to do the work for you.

We would also recommend that you go to the company you bought the watch from rather than some other repairer who might not know how exactly the watch was crafted. Taking your valuable watch to someone who doesn’t know the model’s mechanism will cause more harm than good.

Edox takes customer services very seriously. Every watch that is brought in for maintenance goes through multiple processes to make sure that longevity remains.

Watches are disassembled part by part, cleaned thoroughly, lubricated, and reassembled to perfection just as the product was when first bought. No one can take care of your watch with such responsibility and fineness. Afterward, the watch is delivered back to you for use.

Edox recommends that you get this maintenance done every three years, and after every repair, you get a one year guarantee.

So if by any chance you were given a watch with a faulty part, and the company was solely to blame, you would get it repaired or even replacements in some extreme cases for free.

To avail, all these benefits contact the nearest Edox location or mail them. You can also reach out to them through their hotline, all of which are provided on their website.

Overall, you can easily say that the customer service and warranty of this brand are top-notch.

Things to Look for in an Edox Watch

When buying an Edox watch, you can expect high quality, stylish designs, and longevity like none other.

There are different types of watches with varieties of features to choose from. Although the type of watch you’ll buy will depend on your taste and budget, here are some factors that you could consider while buying an Edox watch in general.


Whether you dive straight into the water or frequently have to visit someplace where you’re exposed to too much water does not matter; you should always look for waterproof watches.

Watches that are not waterproof can be damaged by the slightest exposure to water. This could also mean that if you are someone who sweats a lot, you could easily cause a lot of damage to your precious timepiece.

So getting watches that are not damaged by water will ensure that you get to keep the product for a longer time. If not fully waterproof, at least try and get watches that are splash-proof.


Watches can be made with a lot of different kinds of materials. What material you choose will depend on the style and model of the watch you have selected. As this decision depends on you, scan the kind of material you are getting thoroughly.

Understand the situations that you face regularly and get a watch that is suitable for those conditions. Be it leather, stainless steel, or even rubber; always check the quality of the material that your watch is being made with.

Edox is well known for providing watches made with the best quality materials. Although standard and grade is not something that you need to worry about, do consider what environmental conditions the watch you are going to buy is going to face.


Nowadays, you can get watches that have removable and interchangeable straps. What this does is cut down the cost of buying several watches for different occasions. You can just buy one watch with a sturdy and durable dial and then mix it up with the straps to change your look.

Edox does have a few options with this feature, so you can choose between different colors and sometimes materials as well.

Watch Glass

Your watch glass is one of the components of your watch that helps keep the product looking fresh and new. With Edox, you can get glasses that are made with sapphire glass, which is great for keeping the glass of your watch scratch-free and free from stains as well.

Watch Movement

Edox gives you the option to choose from the Japanese Automatic Movement, Swiss Quartz Movement, and a lot more. All of these have their pros and cons. Choose which style and movement fit your style, and you think are the smoothest.

Bottom Line

Edox is a brand that can satisfy and deliver to customers of all kinds. As we’ve mentioned before, no matter what kind of watches you like, you’ll find something that suits your style here.

High quality, classy, and durable watches that are made to perfection like these are hard to spot. With amazing customer service and precision in manufacturing, these watches are a must-have.

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