Ingerloss Watches Reviews (Updated, 2022)

If you are rooting for something that assures superb performance and style as well as is going to be with you for decades, then this one is the best in the business. And, its wide variety lets you choose the kind of watch that is ideal for you!

Plus, all the additional features guarantee to provide you the watch-satisfaction that you have been longing for.

Why Ingersoll Watches?

Here are the reasons why you should go for Ingersoll watches.


If you are not accustomed to the name Ingersoll, we would like to inform you that this is one of the big guns of the watch family. And, if you are one of those watch-collectors who would go for any lengths to get their desired watches, then Ingersoll is an ideal watch for you.

The price of the watches is quite steep. Well, if you desire better performance and quality, you might have to let your wallet take the hit. The 21-year old company has been making timepieces that assure superb precision, durability, style, and quality.


Plus, they have numerous different and innovative models. Like the post-second world war watch, which was a super hit after the end of the war. The next would be the Mickey Mouse watch. In short, the company is going exceptional for making both old and modern products.

Other Features

They also contain some other features like water-resistance, dust-proof, dent or damage proof, and numerous other lucrative features.

Things to Look for in an Ingersoll Watch

Below are the factors you need to keep in mind before buying an Ingersoll watch.

Style and Design

Ingersoll contains numerous types of designs and builds, including metal, straps of nylon, leather, silicon, etc. Furthermore, there are numerous types of watches —chronographic, automatic, analog, etc. So, you must pick the watch that best suits your standards and fashion.


The Ingersoll company is quite hefty on the wallet. Hence, you must choose a watch that suits you as well as your bank account.


Yes, watches have several functional dials. And, you could opt from the uncomplicated yet stylish single dials or the multifunctional as well as sophisticated more than one dial.


When picking an Ingersoll, it is necessary that you opt for a watch that has a water-resistant factor. Plus, it is not a given that you will be walking in, and it will not going to start raining cats and dogs all of a sudden. And, if your watch doesn’t have resistance towards water, it will not be able to survive rainy or snowy environments.

Moreover, the watch should be dent-proof, rust-proof, and dust-resistance. In short, the watch should be impervious or resistant to damage.

Top 5 Ingersoll Watch Reviews

Ingersoll is known to make one the best timepieces in the market. And, these reviews should tell you why they are still on the top.

Ingersoll Regent I00105 Men’s Quartz Watch


All you watch enthusiasts out there! Ingersoll presents one of the best quartz watches in the market, the I00105 Quartz Watch (for men).

Before we start discussing the watch, let us explain what quartz watch is. Quartz watches use silicone crystals to keep track of the time and, the I00105’s quartz mechanism is one of the best. In addition to that, the watch’s sleek look, along with the quartz motion, makes it an exceptional choice.

Furthermore, when all these are coupled with its smooth and stylish black straps, the watch becomes a must-have for most watch collectors.

And, its case diameter of 47mm is an ideal size for most men. Plus, if you decide to go for a dive, you can effortlessly do it as the item has a water-resistance factor as long as you are within 50m.

Ingersoll 1892 the Regent I00203


If you are watch-enthusiast and missing a majestic black-belted silver watch, then the Regent I00203 is “the one” for you. First of all, the product comes with a 50-meter watertight factor. Meaning that if you want to go swimming in a pool or anywhere, the item can not be harmed in any way.

Furthermore, its sleek black dial complements the black belt and makes it a more desired item. And, its stainless steel body offers it a dent-resistant, waterproof and rust-proof construction gives it better durability and longevity.

Plus, its 47-mm diameter makes it an ideal option for all kinds of wrists. Hence, it doesn’t matter what your wrist size is; the item can quite comfortably fit your wrist and give you that smart look.

Ingersoll the New Haven Men’s Analog Automatic Watch With the Leather Bracelet I07301


The I070301 leather bracelet watch is an amazing option and one of my favourites! This watch is of automatic motion, meaning it is self-winding. And, its durable gold-plated dial offers the stylish look that suits your fashion.

And, its white dial coupled with its brown leather gives the whole watch a simple yet elegant look that goes well with both casual as well as sophisticated looks. Furthermore, if you want to go for a little dip in the pool, there is no need to take the watch off as it is impervious to water (as long as you do not go below 50-meters).

Ingersoll the New Orleans Men’s Analog Automatic Watch With Leather Bracelet I07801


If you are okay paying big bucks on watches, then try the I07801 Leather Bracelet. When you are paying more, naturally, you expect more. And, this one guarantees to stand up to your expectations on every aspect.

The watch is made of A-grade leather with a stainless steel casing. Thus, giving it a classy design as well as durable construction. Furthermore, the enhanced durability assures a superior, long-lasting factor. And, when all these are combined with its black dial, it is turned into the ultimate tool for both casual as well as party wears.

And, if you want to go for a dive, then this masterpiece’s exceptional construction allows it to be watertight for a range of 100 meters and will provide you a smooth and worry less diving experience.

Lastly, the watch had a diameter of 47 mm. This is an ideal diameter and has the highest possibility of suiting any wearer, no matter how thick or thin his wrist might be.

Ingersoll Women’s Stainless Steel Analog Quartz Watch With Leather Straps ID00103


A lot of people have this misconception that Ingersoll is a men’s brand watch. Well, in reality, it is a unisexual brand. The ID00103 is a perfect example of a top-notch female watch that Ingersoll has to offer. This watch is made of stainless steel.

The stainless steel provides added strength and longevity. And, also, makes it rust-proof, dent-proof, etc. In short, the watch is quite impervious to damage and is an exceptional choice for you if your career consists of heavy-duty work.

Next would be the design. The white dial perfectly complements the blue straps. Thus, you can effortlessly wear the product with work clothes or your anniversary date clothes.

And, if you are planning to get soaked with your loved ones, but are worried that your expensive watch is going to get wrecked? Well, not this one! It is watertight up to a range of 50-meters. So, no rainy or snowy day can stop you from having fun!

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Ingersoll is famous for its exquisite and absolute watches. And, they have complete faith in their products. Therefore, the company offers a lifetime warranty. More importantly, by a lifetime, we mean for the rest of your life. So, if your watch ever gets hampered or damaged, just go to the designated store.

Plus, you get a warranty forever. For instance, consider that you bought a watch at the age of 20 and after almost 10-15 years you can still get it fixed.

But, the problem is that you have to go to the designated place. Meaning if you bought the watch from a particular state, on any damage to the watch, you would have to go back to that particular shop for the repair or replacement.

Another thing is that their warranty doesn’t cover batteries, straps of leather, nylon, silicone, rubber, etc. So, if there is any sort of issue regarding these, you might not get any help from the company. Only mechanical issues like gear malfunction and other issues like this will be solved by the customer service.

Now, let us move on to their customer service. Well, another thing that Ingersoll is famous for is its polite and excellent customer service. Each of the executives is very well behaved as well as well trained. So, they will happily provide you all the necessary information in a very soothing manner.

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