Best Invicta Watches Review (Updated, 2022)

If you’re looking for high-quality timepieces that look and feel premium, and tasteful without hurting your wallet, then Invicta watches might be perfect for you. That’s because the company was founded with the sole objective of providing wonderfully crafted watches that are inexpensive at the same time.

More About The Brand

The manufacturer ran into problems during the Quartz revolution in the 70s and almost disappeared from the market. However, it returned to the competition with stronger determination and strategies when an American Investment Company bought the company.

Since then, the brand’s popularity has only been rising. Today, Invicta watches are easily one of the most popular watch brands out there with countless users all over the world.

Thanks to Invicta, you’ll be able to fashion elegant watches on your wrist even if you don’t have the big budgets. Their watches look impressive as they all boast an attractive and modern design. You’ll find that distinct vintage flavor that sets their models apart!

It’s kind of hard to find the difference between an affordable Invicta watch and another brand’s super expensive model unless you look really hard.

Each and every timepiece is made with the utmost care and top-grade materials. So, even though Invicta watches are cheaper than other big shot brands, they still manage to offer exquisite watches that are incredibly beautiful and durable. They are sure to turn the eyes of anyone who appreciates beauty.

Invicta boasts a huge collection of watches. Each collection has hundreds of models that are uniquely designed. So, whatever your taste is, you’re very likely to find one that appeals to you. In fact, there is one for everyone!

Invicta Speedway Collection

Best among all speedway collection

The Speedway collection is known for its similarities with the unbelievably expensive Rolex Daytona watch. In fact, the Speedway models were designed to pay homage to that model. As a result, you get all the aesthetics and features of the beautiful Rolex Daytona without losing a fortune!

This collection is designed for those who want a mix of formal and sports. These watches go well with both your formal dresses and casual dresses. They are all equipped with a Swiss quartz movement with chronograph. The quartz movement allows the models to display date and time with stunning accuracy.

These products are capable of holding their own against the water pressure under 200m. So, for casual swimmers, they are conveniently waterproof. Most of the cases are made with durable stainless steel, which gives them a shiny, polished, and premium look.

The straps are also made with stainless steel metal, but if you prefer, you can opt for a leather one. All the watches are offered in various colors, so you’re given the option to choose the one that fits your taste the most.

If you want to pull a classy and sophisticated look without spending too much money, the Speedway collection can provide everything you need!

Invicta Aviator Collection

Best among aviator collection

The Invicta Aviator collection can be distinct by its gorgeous aviator-style designs, inspired by the dials and numbers found on planes. It’s quite popular due to the appealing look and multitudes of features.

This collection is made up of many models with their own designs and characteristics, so you’re given a lot of options to choose from. Thanks to the inspiration, the watches are equipped with tons of features like tachymeters, chronograph sub-dials, and even compasses.

Furthermore, the inclusion of these dials gives the products an awesome vibe. Each model is pretty reliable and long-lasting as they are specially crafted by the skilled craftsmen of Invicta. The praiseworthy craftsmanship produces incredibly aristocratic watches that are bound to impress anyone!

Also, the majority of these timepieces are made with stainless steel with metal clasps. They are powered by a quartz movement and boast sapphire crystal glass protection. As a result, they are durable enough.

Aviator models aren’t completely protected from water, but they can resist water to an acceptable degree. With their 100m rated water-resistance, you can safely go on swimming or snorkeling with an Aviator watch on your wrist.

Invicta Pro-Diver Collection

Best among all Pro-Diver Collection

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly classy wristwatch that can provide strong protection from water, you should take a look inside the Invicta Pro-Diver collection. The products in this collection are endowed with everything you expect from a traditional Swiss watch and more!

All of these watches are equipped with sturdy 40mm sub cases that make them perform almost as well as the highly expensive Rolex Submariner model. As a result, the water-resistance ability of these units is definitely worthy of praise.

The classic diver’s watch version comes with a convenient dive timer bezel that reminds the diver about how long they’ve spent underwater. So, divers will know when to get out of water. This is extremely useful because it can prevent divers from spending too much time underwater.

Other features include the lume on the markers that allow you to check the time when it’s completely dark.

The chronograph version, on the other hand, takes things up a notch by offering three-dial chronographs, one two-toned rubber strap, and a smart way of showing day/date.

Besides the top-notch quality and beautiful finishes, these watches also feature the automatic NH35A movement. This movement is usually seen in more expensive units, so it’s surprising to find a feature like this in an affordable model. So, there is no question about the Pro-Diver’s reliability!

Star Wars Collection

Best among Wars Collection

With the Star Wars collection, the avid fans of the Star Wars series can express themselves in style! You can show your love for the phenomenal series by sporting an excellent Invicta watch with Star Wars inspired designs.

All the major Star Wars characters appear in the different models of this special collection of watches. You’d find Darth Vader, Darth Maul, R2-D2, C3PO, Boba Fett, and other leading characters designed smartly onto the timepieces of this collection.

As a result, you can choose whoever attracts you the most. Each product is designed according to the style and theme of its namesake character. For example, if you pick a Darth Vader model, you’d find the iconic mask drawn into the watch and almost feel the cool and terrifying aura of Vader’s presence.

If you turn the machines around, you will find the name and the face of the character the design was based on as well as a logo of Star Wars. Most of the models are constructed with stainless steel, so they are almost as durable as the Millennium Falcon!

They are pretty cheap compared to the features and quality they offer. Their popularity will remain intact as long as the love for Star Wars continues!

Marvel Collection

Best among all Marvel Collection

The Marvel collection is directed towards the fans of the Marvel series. With Marvel-themed watches, you can express your deep love for the characters by wearing specially designed watches. Add a touch of the world’s strongest avengers to your fashionable wristwatch!

Each of the timepieces borrows inspiration from a specific marvel character. The entire design depends on the character that they’re based on. So, if you get your hands on a Spiderman themed watch, you’d notice an emblem of a spider inside the case.

Similarly, the Iron-Man’s version looks like a watch version of the superhero’s iconic iron suit. Besides, these two, you’d find other Marvel character designs like Captain America, the Hulk, the Punisher, etc.

Most of the watches in the Marvel series feature steel cases of various sizes. They’re all water-resistant, which is a big plus. Some sport flame fusion crystal protection. Almost all of them make use of quartz movement to show time.

Although the watches in this collection are specifically made for a specific fanbase, they are still designed by the competent craftsmen of Invicta. So, there is no compromise in quality even though they’re cost-friendly.

Invicta Angel Collection

Best among Angel Collection

Invicta cares about their female customers, so they’ve introduced a line of watches only for the ladies. They are made with the same craftsmanship and quality as any other model. So, the ladies can get their hands on some of the truly classic, elegant, and timeless wristwatches without paying too much.

To fit the wrists of women perfectly, the watches are specifically designed to be 30 to 39mm in size. That’s because women’s wrists tend to be smaller and more delicate than men. The stainless-steel casings of these products feature polished and brushed finishes or gold plating to make them look premium and attractive.

You’d find appropriate designs on the dials to make them seem more feminine, usually with bright colors. White diamonds and cubic zirconia stones are used in the decoration of many models.

For movement, quartz mechanisms are utilized, which means the units require batteries to run. The batteries need to be changed if they run out to keep the watches running. Other features of this collection include the date and dual time indicators.

Water-resistance isn’t the most impressive feature of these timepieces, but it’s still good enough. It’s advised to keep them away from water as long as possible.

Invicta Lupah Collection

Best among Lupah Collection

The Invicta Lupah series is known for its sturdy and rugged design. All models of this collection are pretty awesome-looking and equipped with sterling features. They mostly appeal to the Millennials who love to show-off with modern hip style!

Talking of the most interesting feature of the Lupah models; they are customizable to an impressive extent. From the colors of the dials, the shape of the cases to the strap types, everything is customizable. So, it’s almost as if you can design your very own wristwatch!

These exceptionally appealing timepieces can be easily singled out by their tonneau shapes, and are equipped with 46.8mm steel cases for male versions and 36mm for female versions. The women’s models are designed to appear feminine aided by the specialized decorations. Some of them feature markers that are treated with sparkles and cases decorated with white diamonds.

Thanks to the advanced SW500 Swiss quartz movements, these models will show accurate date and time without fail as long as there are batteries in them. The bracelets are available in both leather and rubber versions. All of the watches show time and date, but only some of them show weekdays.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Besides providing top-notch quality products, the warranty and customer service of Invicta are its other commendable features. Their customer service is definitely one of the best in the world, and they offer adequate warranties with each of their watches.

Invicta watches come with a warranty of up to 5 years, which is incredibly convenient. Their warranties cover all the sensitive and most expensive parts like the dial, hands, and movement. So, whenever any of these parts stop working or malfunctions, Invicta will repair them or completely replace them.

The warranty also covers other minor issues like damage to the crown, damage to the dial, malfunctioning of the markers, damage by water, etc.

Invicta excels at keeping their promises. Their supporting team is available 24/7, so whenever you run into a problem or require information, you can call them and find solutions almost instantaneously. If you request for repairs or replacement, they are very quick to fix your device up and send them back to you.

You’ll find their staff to be on their best behavior and seem genuinely willing to help you out. Their professionalism is on point. It’s truly amazing how they manage to offer so much without asking too much money from you.

Things to Look for in an Invicta Watch

You might have heard many good things about Invicta watches, and now you want to get one for yourself. But the instant you enter the market, you’d be ambushed with hundreds of options to choose from. You wouldn’t know which one to get. If you consider certain things, however, you’d find it easier to decide.


The movement that you find on the specification of the watches refers to the way the watch is powered. Invicta watches are usually powered by two ways – automatic and quartz. They both have their own characteristics.

Automatic movement watches do not require any battery to run. Instead, it draws power from the movement of the wearer’s wrist. All you have to do is keep the watch on your wrist, and it will generate the power for itself. So, when you take the timepiece off for a while, it will stop keeping time.

But not to worry because you can get the watch working again by wearing it. The automatic movement offers the convenience of never having to change batteries or even installing one in the first place.

On the other hand, the quartz movement watches require a battery to run. So, you can leave it anywhere you want, and your watch will still keep track of time. However, you’ll have to replace the battery every once in a while.


Next, you should focus on the materials that were used to craft your timepiece. Fortunately, most of the Invicta watches are made with stainless steel. So, they tend to be extremely durable. The straps can be made with leather, metal or silicone.

Now, leather straps look pretty cool, and they go well with dresses, but they get damaged by sweat. Metal straps are more durable, but they’re heavy on the wrists. Silicon straps, on the other hand, feel tacky, but they don’t get damaged by water.

Your Invicta watch should be able to resist water. While they cannot be completely waterproof, the water-resistance feature would be extremely helpful. Check whether the watch is rated for one hundred meters or two hundred meters. If you plan to spend a considerable amount of time underwater, you should opt for the latter one.


You shouldn’t be willing to sacrifice comfort for style because they can exist together! So, look for watches that are lightweight enough for you because the extra weight can feel uncomfortable on your wrist. Your watch shouldn’t feel scratchy or pinch at your skin.

Fortunately, most of the Invicta watches are as beautiful as they are comfortable.


People don’t wear watches just for checking times. They are important pieces of fashion that can enhance the way you look. So, give some time into thinking about whether the watch you’re considering to buy looks good enough. It should match both your taste and your clothing choice.

Most of the Invicta watches are amazingly beautiful and artistic, so you’re given a lot of fashionable options. Just choose wisely!

Bottom Line

Invicta watches can provide the pleasure of wearing classy and luxurious watches at an unbelievably affordable price. You can fulfill your dream of wearing a magnificent Swiss watch even if you don’t have a lot of money.

Each of their products is carefully crafted with the skillful hands of the experienced master-crafters. So, if you decide to invest in an Invicta watch, it’s likely to be a very good investment!

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