Junkers Watches Review (Updated, 2022)

Hugo Junkers was a German watchmaker from the nineteenth century who made aviation watches for the military. With his designs and innovative mechanisms, his business became the go-to choice for watches around the world.

Reading our Junkers watches review will teach you everything this brand stands for – and how since 1895, it has been delivering quality watches. Today, it is among the most popular brands worldwide.

Why, you ask? The engineering, the designs, the quality, and overall prestige these watches offer are unbeatable. And here you’ll learn why.

Why Junkers Watch?

If you’re a person of history, you’ll realize at first glance into Junkers’ story why it is such an exciting brand. Well, here are a few other reasons why getting one of these watches is worth it.

Simple Yet Gorgeous Designs

When looking at Junkers’ watches, you’ll see they aren’t the most extravagant models out there. The designs are simple, and still manage to look terrifically beautiful.

Thanks to the classical Bauhaus design that Hugo Junkers created back in the nineteenth century, you can wear a Junkers and enjoy the slim hands, baton-style markers, and warming choice of colors.

High-End Quality for Mid-Range Costs

All Junkers are set to stand from the competition with their looks and quality. Despite that, they manage to be among the most affordable in mid-range costs.

Considering the engineering quality, the parts they use, and the uniquely exciting designs – they boast a more-than-fair cost that you won’t regret spending.

Long-Lasting and Easy to Maintain

Lastly, you’ll love how durable and easy-to-maintain these watches are. You just need to polish the crystal consistently, keep them away from the water as much as possible, and prevent typical scratches all around.

Over time, the watches will manage to stay accurate, easy to adjust when needed, and superbly reliable no matter the situation.

Things to Look for in a Junkers Watch

Once you start looking for some Junkers models, you’ll realize there are tons of different features to think about – from the design to the construction, and more. Well, here we explain some of them:

Case Design and Build

Most Junkers models boast the circular shape model that makes Bauhaus design so exciting. Yet, they all come in different colors, builds, and crowns/buttons.

Some models will be gold-brushed for a shiny tone; others will be totally silver and brushed. You may also find the build being stainless steel, different in strap attachment methods, and overall shape.

Crystal and Dials

The crystals on Junkers models tend to be made of Hesalite. And the dials are analog. While most of them look similar, they are not the same.

Some of them boast black displays with white numbers, others come with white displays and silver engravings, and you may even find some with Swarovski crystals inside.

At the same time, they may boast extra sub-dials like calendar, chronograph, and similar functions.

Straps Quality

Finally, you’ll find that most Junkers watches provide a wide array of straps to consider.

Some will be made of leather. These are resilient and comfy. Others are made of stainless steel; they can be more resilient and highly adjustable.

The appearance will change accordingly. Those with leather bands will look more classical, while metal straps provide a more business-like style.

Best Junkers Watches Reviews

By now, you should be assured that Junkers watches are just on another level. Well, let’s now meet the best models available.

Junkers 60462 Men’s Quartz Watch

Junkers 60462 Men's Quartz Watch

The first one in our list is the 60462 – a Men’s model that boasts a super simple yet highly enticing design.

You get a stainless steel case with a silver-tone, totally round, and sleek-looking. It will fit well with casual as well as sporty looks with ease.

This watch still boasts a black leather strap with a buckle. It feels utterly comfortable and doesn’t harm the skin. Of course, it adds up to the casual style. The construction with stainless steel doesn’t stay behind. It can handle up to 30 meters underwater.

Lastly, you get an analog dial with Hesalite crystal display and a calendar sub-dial. It is both durable and functional.


  • Neat-looking circular design in stainless steel
  • Attractive and comfortable black leather strap
  • High-quality build with a steel case and Hesalite crystal
  • The casual design fits with different clothes
  • Can handle up to 30 meters underwater


  • The crystal may scratch with ease
  • Slightly inaccurate mechanism

Junkers Spitzbergen F13

Junkers Spitzbergen F13 Chronograph with Luminous Dial

As soon as you see the name F13 – you’ll realize where this watch comes from. If not, let’s just say it has a lot to do with the F13 planes.

The Spitzbergen also stands out for its Swiss Ronda 5030.D display with a Quartz movement for top-notch accuracy.

There’s also the solid steel caseback with a solid stainless steel case – adding a shiny silver look. You can also enjoy the comfy 40mm design overall, with the circular shape. Add the diamond-cut crown for adjustments.

Last but not least, you get a black leather that feels amazing on your skin and lasts for years. You can also use the watch at 50 meters underwater.


  • Superb F13-honoring design
  • Quality dials with quartz movement
  • Excellent chronograph and day functions
  • Good-looking stainless steel exterior
  • Comfy and reliable black leather strap


  • The short strap makes it hard to fit
  • Buttons feel a little flimsy

Junkers Ladies’Watch XS

Junkers Ladies Watch XS Analogue Quartz Leather 60731 Bauhaus

Junkers is not only a brand for men – but it also makes timepieces for women. And the Ladies’Watch XS is a perfect example.

You get a Hesalitglas crystal that looks superb, adding clarity and brightness to the display. This matches with the Swiss Quartz movement, making it excellently accurate and good-looking with a silver dial.

There are also gold accentuates, golden indexes with delicate black lines. And what’s even better, it boasts 5 Swarovski crystals on the dial – making it super elegant.

Still, it comes with a black leather strap with a toothed buckle, for looks and comfort. It has a water-repellent coating as well.


  • Beautiful design with crystals and gold touches
  • Bright and clear display with Hesalitglas
  • Accurate and reliable Quartz movement
  • Extra cozy and strap
  • Water-resistant at up to 30 meters


  • Large design for ladies
  • Thin pointers may good-looking leather be hard to read

Junkers G38 6972-1 Chronograph Watch

Junkers G38 6972-1 Chronograph gold braun 42 mm 100M

Gorgeous design with a classic Bauhaus design, the Junkers G38 boasts a beige dial, black hour numerals, and a SuperLuminova treated hands.

Together, you receive one of the most attractive watches in the market – boasting a rose goldstone tone in the stainless steel case. Along with a satin finish and a brown leather strap, you can enjoy a beautiful watch all around.

It is 42mm in total size, with a rounded shape. With a hardened mineral crystal and next-level dials like chronograph and calendar, it looks terrific. Let’s not forget it can also resist up to 50 meters underwater.


  • Stunning design with goldstone and satin finish
  • Ideal size at 42mm for more comfort
  • Reliable and clear hardened mineral crystal
  • High-quality sub-dials for practicality
  • Resilient build with 50-meters water resistance


  • The leather strap may feel a little stiff
  • Adjusting can be a bit tricky

Junkers 6060M-5 Automatic Power Reserve Watch

Junkers Bauhaus 6060M-5 Automatic Power Reserve Watch

Want an authentic aviation watch? Then Junkers 6060M-5 will come like the perfect choice.

It boasts the same Bauhaus design like most models, but this one comes with the complete stainless steel build that makes it a true aviation watch. From the case to the bracelet, it is designed to last a lifetime and look superb.

The dial doesn’t stay behind, with a Citizen self-winding movement and a 26-jewel touch, along with silver pointers for the hour and minutes. This gets even better with a luminous filling for extra visibility.

Last but not least, you get a Hesalite crystal, adding the durability and clearness you expect. With a power-reserve indicator and a 30-meter underwater capacity – it will surpass all your expectations.


  • Gorgeous and reliable stainless steel construction
  • Unique Citizen self-winding mechanism
  • Quality build with Hesalite crystal
  • Luminous-filled dots for visibility
  • Practical power-reserve indicator


  • The dial is not white but beige/creamy
  • The automatic function makes it noisy

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Being a prestigious company from Germany, you can be sure Junkers will never let you down in warranty or customer service.

Every watch, for example, is backed by a 2-year warranty. It is totally international and works for whoever buys a Junkers from an official retailer. This warranty covers defects as well as many other problems – which makes it even better.

Apart from that, Junkers offers superb customer service. You can contact it via email or cell phone, and they will answer all your questions, solve all your problems, and leave you completely happy.

Bottom Line

What did you learn from our Junkers watches review? We learned that brands don’t have to rely much on marketing when their products work by themselves. And that’s what you get with Junkers.

If you’re looking for a new watch to wear casually or for serious situations, this brand is a perfect choice.

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