Longines Hydroconquest Review (Updated, 2022)

Longines is an exceptional company that is known to make one of the top-selling watches in the company. Their watches assure exceptional performance, durability, and are guaranteed to last for many years. Hydroconquest is one of their best! And we urge you to go for the best!

Why Longines Watches?

Here are the reasons why you may decide to purchase a Longines watch.


Longines is one of the big guns of the timepiece world. Their watches assure exceptional performance and durability as well as ensure top-marks in style. There are numerous types of designs, colors available in the market. And you can choose the one that suits your style and outlook the most!


Also, Longines has a wide variety of pricings. Starting from the average/mid-range prices to extremely expensive, the company has them all. Therefore, it enables you to choose the watch that best fits your budgets and prevents you from overshooting it when picking.

More importantly, the watch’s quality does not drop with the prices. So, if you want an exceptional watch that has superb durability as well as the performance at an affordable price, then Longines is perfect for you.


The brand is known for its top-notch quality! It contains top-quality stainless-steel watches, high-grain leather belts, pure and authentic nylon, and silicon belts. Therefore, when it comes to quality and performance, Longines does not know how to compromise.

Things to Look for in a Longines Watch

Below are the factors you have to look into when you purchase a Longines watch.


When you are looking for superb and exquisite colors, Longines showrooms are your go-to place. The brand is a master of making watches with eye-catching colors.

They have watches with mid-night blue dial that guaranteed to keep you mesmerized for a long time or a black-belt white-dial watch that is too good to resist. With so many amazing eye-catching options to choose, the company guarantees that each of them will perfectly complement your formal as well as casual looks.


Each of the products from Longines is made of top-notch quality materials. And such high-quality material automatically enhances durability. Furthermore, each of the watch cases is made of stainless steel. Meaning they are resistant to dents, rust, and other damages.

In addition to all that, the crystal glasses are considered to be incredibly robust. This means that there is zero or low chance of your watch glass being shattered or damaged if there is an unfortunate occurrence.

Types of Watches

Longines come in a vast range of watch types. Starting from chronographic, analog, automatic, quartz, etc. And you get such a vast range of options to choose the watch that will suit your style and complement the clothes that you are wearing that day.

Dial Diameter

One of the biggest issues that many people face is choosing the right type of watch that will suit and perfectly fit their wrist. But with Longines, there is a slim chance of this ever happening.

Firstly, the company presents numerous size options for their customers, and you get to choose the size that fits the best among all these. One advice, go for the 47-mm dials. These dials are like the universal fit, meaning anyone who wears this can effortlessly pull-off the watch.

The Dial

Longines consist of numerous dial options. You could either go for the simple and classy single dials. These are just one dial with three hands (a hand for an hour, minutes, and seconds).

But if you are looking for more options, then you could go for more than one dials, which is provided by the company. Longines makes watches with up to three dials. And, each of the dials has its own function. Choose the dial option that suits you the most and goes well with the attire that you are planning to wear.

And to further upgrade the style as well as the performance of the watch. The dials are made of 18kt gold, sapphire (the synthetic ones), and carbon fiber. Thus, it helps in increasing the durability even further.

The Case


You see, the case of the watch is the round structure where the dial is fixated. And we could assume that it is one of the most important aspects of your watch. The case is the base of your watch. Not only it houses the dials, but it also contains the batteries, the gears, and complicated mechanics that make your watch work.

Hence, its durability and sturdy built are inevitable. That is why it was made with 18kt of pink gold. Firstly, gold is an inert element itself. Therefore, the chances of damage due to rusting is minimized exponentially. Not only that, there is no chance of any unwanted chemical reactions happening and ruining the casing.

Furthermore, the gold builds and alloyed with other elements, gives the casing superb durability and strength. Thus, you can be assured the there is less chance of your watch being indented or receiving any kind of damage, easily.

Bezel & Bracelet


Bezels are the top rings that are fixed on the top of a watch surrounding the crystals and, an ugly bezel could disrupt the looks of a watch in an instant. That is why when making the bezel, the manufacturers ensure to give their optimum effort and focus on getting the best bezels.

Furthermore, the bezels of the hydro conquest are made of ceramic. First of all, ceramic is a durable material. Along with that, ceramic is quite easy to work with and allows you to create complicated works with zero or minimal effort.

Next are the bracelets of the watches. Well, a watch-strap, watch-band, or watch-bracelet is the same thing, and it has only one job, that is, to keep the wrap around your wrist. And these wraps are made of the best quality material.

In addition to all that, all the wraps were made in such a way to provide a comfortable and easy fit to your wrist (doesn’t matter if it is a thick or thin wrist).

The Movement

Now, by the term “movement”, we mean the movement of the whole mechanism. Still, confused? Well, the movement refers to the motion of the gears, and all the other contraption and provides the time you read. This can also be called the motion of all the parts.

And obviously, the motion of the parts is as important as the watch itself. Plus, the smoother the motion, the more precise and accurate the time readings. In the current era, there are numerous movement options like quartz, automatic, manual, etc.

With all these kept in mind, the makers of Longines came up with a better solution. They provided the watch with a top-notch movement of 21.29. Therefore, the watch is guaranteed to provide you with superior and more accurate readings.

Water Resistance

Watches need the capability to handle all kinds of weather. That is why Longines provides its watches with 3-bar water resistance. By three-bar, we mean that Longines watches tend to be watertight as long as you do not go below 30 meters below sea level.

This feature enables you to do all kinds of works like showering, swimming, snorkeling, doing your laundry, etc. Furthermore, the watches are weatherproof as well. So, in case you end up in a rainy or snowy condition, you won’t need to take off your watch in order to make sure that it doesn’t receive damage.

Warranty and Customer Services

Longines can be expensive, and when you are paying such high bucks, it is necessary that you expect the best of everything. And that also includes the best warranties. Plus, Longines is quite confident regarding their products. Hence, they are offering a 24-month (2-year) warranty on all their products.

And if you face a problem regarding the watch, you could run straight to the company and get the issue fixed, or the whole watch will be replaced with a brand new one. And as the company has such confidence in their items, they proudly offer such an exquisite warranty.

However, there are conditions! One condition is that the company might not be able to help with a problem regarding the batteries, and other stuff, and it is necessary that you check the terms and conditions before you buy them.

In short, if there is an issue regarding the mechanics or if a faulty product was delivered, the company would act straight to it. And the customer service is exceptional for Longines. Like we earlier said, when you pay more, you expect more. The company follows that moto.

They have ensured to educate and train each and every one of their executives. So, whenever you bring your problems to the customer service, they provide you all the necessary details regarding the item. And all the questions should be answered with high care and respect.

So, if you call Longines for their aid, we assure you that you will get experience a kind of customer service that you have never been accustomed to.

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