Best Movado Watches Review (Updated, 2022)

Why you should go for Movado watches, simply because of tradition, innovation, and trust. Movado was founded in 1881 in Switzerland. For 139 years, Movado has remained loyal to its principle of providing consumers with quality watches.

The company has carved its name in history by creating many timepieces, which are now found in museums worldwide because of design and technology.

Movado provides both luxurious and more accessible fashion line watches. Not only does the company make watches under its original brand name Movado, but it also manufactures and distributes watches for well-renowned brands such as HUGO BOSS, Juicy Couture, Lacoste, and Coach, etc.

So the question for you is why not go for Movado watches?

Men’s Movado Watches

Some of the best known and most iconic, prize-winning watches have been Movado’s watches for men.

Movado Museum Design

Best among all

If you are looking for an interesting, practical, attractive yet minimalistic watch, Movado Museum design is perfect for you. It is one of the signature designs of Movado, and so it is available in several different versions. This is a great watch for everyday or some special event.

Museum style is more prominent in men’s watches; for instance, it is available in BOLD metals collection such as grey where the single dot is helped with minute and hour markers etched in the edge.

Another different version of original museum design is BOLD Blue Sunray, which comes in a striking blue color and has three sub-dials to show weekday, hours and minutes apart from the original singular dot to mark high noon.

These watches utilize Quartz movement and are made of stainless steel and are water-resistant up to 30m. Their other versions of Museum style include Museum Chronograph, which comes in stainless steel and leather.

And if you are looking for a more dress-style watch rather than a Museum watch, Movado has you covered. For a more suave and sophisticated look, you can go for Movado Faceto, Movado Heritage Chronograph, or Movado Ultra Slim.

For a more casual look, you can always opt for their more casual watches, such as Museum Classic or Luno Sports Two Tone models.

Series 800

If you are more sportive and do not want to wear chunky watches, you can opt for Series 800. This watch and function as both a sports watch as well as a casual watch. It is a waterproof watch, so you can swim, shower or dives 200 meters underwater, and the watch will still function perfectly.

Movado Ultra Slim

Not everyone is a big fan of big bezels and heavy, clunky cases. If you prefer your watch to be thin and sleek, Movado Ultra Slim watch is perfect for you. Along with the customary single dot to mark 12 o’clock, it has indentations on the edges to mark other hours so you can tell the time better than a usual single dot Museum watch.

The slim look of this watch has been achieved by using sapphire crystal glass for the dial window. Another interesting feature of this watch is that it is water-resistant up to 30 meters and has a Swiss Quartz movement. The price range of men’s watches varies slightly than women’s watches.

Moreover, the starting price is below $500 and goes above $2,500. Another difference between men and women’s watches are the availability of attachments; for men, it is limited to bracelet or strap. Whereas women can choose from bracelet, strap, or bangles type attachments for their watch.

Women’s Movado Watches

Best among all

There are a plethora of watches offered to women by Movado. The best thing about buying a Movado watch is that their website not only shows available models, but they allow customers to choose and customize the watch of their dreams.

Women can choose from more than 15 types of collection, such as Aleena, Kora, Movado Connect 2.0, Amorosa, La Nouvelle, etc.

Similarly, women can choose which material they want their watch to be made out of. They can make their decision from 5 types of materials offered by the watch company. From 14k yellow gold vermeil on sterling silver to leather to sport fabric, you can create the watch that best suits your needs.

A watch does not only have to be of black color, and Movado understands that, and so you can opt for anything from black to pink, rose gold, silver yellow, or white. Furthermore, you can choose the movement of your watch, so everything from the smart module to the Swiss Quartz Multifunction Movement is available.

To possess a Movado watch, you do not need to break your bank as the price range starts from below $500 to $2,500.

Warranty and Customer Service

Movado offers its customers a warranty for a period of two years, starting from the day it was purchased. This warranty is given to only the original purchaser and does not extend to anyone who purchased it from the original customer.

Their warranty ensures that neither defects in mechanisms, materials or workmanship will prevent the watch from working properly.

If anyone buys Movado watches from an unauthorized shop, she or he will not be offered any warranty. This warranty also does not cover wear and tear caused by everyday use or even accidents. Neither does it cover any repair or alteration done in shops not authorized by Movado.

Also, Movado recommends having its products serviced at their authorized after-sales service centers. You can visit their after-sales service center and create your account and start getting your watch serviced by Movado. As for customer service, you can always raise your concern or complain on their website.

They have an email address you can use, or you can also call them, but you need to be patient for a period of 3-4 days, which is the time it takes for them to process your orders.

Things to Look for in a Movado Watch

The name of the brand ‘Movado,’ which translates to ‘always in motion’ in Esperanto itself, shows the company’s philosophy on changing along with the times.

So you know you will get something different from the rest of the brands available. Even then, here is a list of points for you to keep in mind while purchasing a Movado watch so you do not feel regret later.

Materials of Attachment or Strap of the Watch

The strap that holds the case is a very important part of a watch. Fortunately, Movado offers a range of materials you can choose from for your watch. Materials such as leather, rubber, sports fabric, stainless steel to sterling silver are available. So which one you will choose depends on your regularity of use, weather, affordability, etc.


Movado is well renowned for its Swiss Quartz Movement. However, as it depends upon your taste and preference, you can also choose from the Swiss Automatic or Chronograph Movement.

If you want to buy a smartwatch, you can opt for Movado Connect 2.0, which uses Google’s Wear Os and has optimized resolution 400×400 along with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

Glass of Window Display

For a quality watch, the sapphire display is used by the maker. Most Movado watches have scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass for a strong, sleek look. The 46.5 mm screen of Movado Connect smartwatch is protected by a very strong and durable Gorilla glass.

Water Resistance

If you are very active and love to swim or dive, you need a watch that is water-resistant. It is better not to risk your precious watch becoming damaged if it gets splashed by water, hence look for a watch that is waterproof or resistant.

Bottom Line

From luxurious to more affordable, dress watch to everyday wear watches to ones you can wear in a dive 200meter underwater, Movado offers it all. It also provides smartwatches in order to accommodate modern technology.

Regardless of gender, one thing is guaranteed by Movado is that you will get a watch that is exceptionally and carefully crafted by the company. Although well known for its striking ‘Museum’ style watches, which were very minimalistic, they now offer watches in a variety of styles.

With a Movado watch on your wrist, you can be sure that you will stand out of the crowd.

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