Orient Mako II Review (Updated, 2022)

This honest Orient Mako II review will make you understand why you should buy this watch. Read carefully till end.

Perhaps you have tried Orient’s first-ever edition, and since then, you couldn’t get over it. But I am pretty sure that you always wanted to mend few things about the Orient Mako original as it clearly trailed behind in terms of accuracy, hacking aspects, and an awkward date alteration button.

Orient Mako 2

Well, 15 years ago, Orient Mako possessed some faults but still was competent enough to raise the hype over the watch collectors and divers.

Now, when the manufacturers finally released Orient Mako II with enhanced accuracy, date changing configuration, and nurtured the overall hollow movements, you are bound to fall in love with it.

Before getting precise, let’s look at the features at one glance!

  • Supports hand-winding
  • Orient Mako II offers 40-hour power reserve and 21600 BPH
  • Features mineral crystal
  • The casing is made of stainless steel
  • Dual push-button safety clasp with stainless steel bracelet
  • Water resistance about 200m / 660ft
  • Day/Date window locates at 3 o’clock marking
  • 12hr time markings with three Arabic numerals of 9 12 and 3
  • Screw-down crown at 3 o’clock
  • Now let’s get into the features one by one precisely.


No wonder we all yearn for comfort, and when it comes to accessories that we wear on a regular or occasional basis need to feel comfortable and gentle against our skin. That being said, Orient Mako II crafts a finely designed bracelet and a firm and robust buckle to ensure high resilience and comfort.

Conventional watches feature nylon banding straps, rubberized straps, or stainless steel straps, but here the strap design is explicitly similar to a vividly polished silver bracelet.

And when you wear it around your wrist and tighten the buckle according to your grip preference, you instantly feel a chillness around your hand as the silver patterns are comforting and don’t feel harsh in contact with your skin.

Besides, the case size (41.5mm wide) and thickness (13mm) fit well, neither too big nor too narrow, so that it feels just right and add the class into your appearance!

The Movement

Orient Mako 2 movements

Let me give you a little flashback! Fifteen years ago, when you probably had the 46943 caliber movement in Mako original, you weren’t satisfied with the manual winding, hacking, and accuracy for sure.

The hands of the watch, crown, dials everything was transparent and convenient to glance over, but when it comes to performance, it really disappointed you and, no doubt, most of the watch collectors.

But honestly, you can’t blame the Japanese manufacturers of Orient who, by default, embraced their in-house technology, which evolved in the early 70s. So the movement configuration was obsolete, and still, it is compared to Orient Mako II.

When you have Mako II, it allows you to manually wind up the automatic movements as well as hacking and changing the time accurately. For those who have battery-operated quartz watches, watch winder doesn’t work at all.

Moreover, watches like Orient Mako II sustain winding the watch manually so that whenever you aren’t wearing it, it still keeps on running. And when you take it out of the box and wear it for your errands, it enlightens you with the correct information of time.

You may think that if the watch keeps running even when you aren’t wearing it, then it might stop working before the predicted deadline. But having the ability to manually winding up in the events when 40-hour reserve power run out makes it ideal for occasional users.

Compared to the Orient Mako II ancestor (the mako original), it fits well in the accuracy benchmark. The predecessor had a -25/+35 accuracy level, whereas Mako II has -15/+15 seconds of accuracy, which sets it apart from the mako original in the accuracy spectrum.

The Bezel


Well, sometimes the case of your watch doesn’t match with the bezel, and as a result, the color combination seems odd and, in some cases, proper disaster. But here, when you have Mako II, the bezel has an intense polishing to blend well with the casing.

Moreover, the Mako II bezel rotates up to 120 clicks and monitors your diving time conveniently. Having 60 minutes of dive time and relatively double clicks than the Mako original, it wins the crown. In addition, the dial color is equivalently polished, vivid black, and holds the sheen as the bezel does.

However, having a handy grip over the bezel might feel tight, but overall, it perfectly goes with the watch interior. Also, it adds an appeal to the watch case and lugs, smoothly distributes a soothing click when turning.

The Dial

If you are fond of metal markings in the dial of your watch, then rejoice as Mako II is the one to do the math here. The markings of the dial are utterly transparent and integrated with lume. Its thin linings and slightly sloped edges intensify the hands and markings to appear in a more crystallized and blatant manner.

Anyways! The dial molds itself in a sleek yet matte black color, which looks extremely elegant and brews perfectly with any attire. However, the day and date display are just beside the 3 o clock marking. Hence, you can only have 3 Arabic numerals as in 9, 6, and 12, which are clear and highlighted well.

Now talking about the hands of the dial, I must appreciate the grey imprints of each bullet-shaped minute mark, the sword styled hand for an hour and minute, and spear-shaped hand with a little red spoonlike for seconds.

Overall, the neat and plain hands, classy fonts, the day and date color fusion (red-black), and finally, the lifted chapter ring on the surface perimeter, which determines a mark for every minute; everything begs for your purchase at such affordable price value.

The Case & Bracelet

Well, the case is called the life of a watch because it holds all the internal working parts together and makes it work orderly. There are numerous types of casing material, such as stainless steel, metal, platinum, etc.

These are universal materials for watch cases as they are reliable; however, a bit expensive too. But Orient Mako II is everything you have ever asked for.

I mean in such affordable price tag getting a dive watch with 41.5mm stainless steel case, seamless transition in between, and an evenly polished and integrated end links with brushed and matte top is an absolute win for you. And you know what the best part of it is?


The bracelet dramatically merges with the case because the case also features a brushed top for a matte avatar and a high saturated sheen for the siding, which coordinates with the bracelet perfectly. So the whole case and bracelet duo is loaded with embellishments, which fits very well and boasts superior elegancy.

Now around the casing, there’s a screw-down crown to control the time and date the way you want. Also, winding up the clock becomes effortless with the crown. It doesn’t feel too small to grab either too robust to look inappropriate.

Water Resistance & Dive Watch Specs

It’s pretty obvious that when you expect to get a dive watch for yourself, the first and foremost feature you aspire to have is water resistance. Imagine what would be the odds if your dive watch isn’t waterproof?

Hence, Orient Mako II offers 200 meters of water resistance so that even when you are underneath the water, your clock has your back. Also, tracking time underwater is no longer rocket science because of a 120-click divers bezel.


The Orient Mako II USA line includes three models with specific dial color. For instance, you will have the AB9 in sleek black color, the BD9 in vivid blue with a tinge of gloss, and the CW9 with the white and black-edged dial.

Also, the minute markings are larger in CW9 than the rest of the models. However, the contradictions are too small to stress over. It’s just about the appearance I mean a case with enhanced lume, larger markings, better color combination, etc., and that’s it! And the price also varies from one model to another.

One more thing to say is the Orient Mako II has basically two versions. One is the plain one which I am reviewing on, and another is the USA line, which has 3 models.

The difference between the plain one and the USA version is the USA line uses sapphire crystal, whereas the plain Mako II uses mineral crystals. So that was all about the variations.

For Whom?

Before investing your money into something without contemplating wisely and later crying on split milk won’t help you get anywhere. Hence first thing first, you have to determine whether this timepiece is ideal for you and it goes with your requirements or not.

So let’s check out when you should get it and for whom it’s made!

If diving is your end goal and water resistance is the prime feature for your quest

It’s for those who are fond of compact, sleek and classic timepieces
If your wrist is not wider than 6 inches
For those people who prefer heritage watchmaking
The watch stops running for a few minutes, and it doesn’t bother you
Alright! So, if you fit into these criteria, then the Orient Mako II is the best deal for you, and surely it is the dish fit for Gods.

Bottom Line

To be honest, compared to the Orient Mako original, there aren’t any massive alterations, although the manufacturers have fixed the complications of hacking, time, and date changing specs and accuracy issues.

So you are actually getting a modified version of the Mako original. And surprisingly, the price range is extremely budget-friendly that you could ever ask for.

I personally think that if you are a frequent or occasional diver and an enthusiast watch collector of classic timepieces, then getting an Orient Mako II would be the right choice!

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