Orient Polaris GMT Review (Updated, 2022)

Want to dress well and boast a gorgeous watch on your wrist? Then you need to read this Orient Polaris GMT review.

It is one of the most eye-catching models on its price range, delivering a classic design that surpasses expectations both in looks and overall functionality.

At first sight, you’ll notice how it stands out for its simplicity and elegance. Without looking too shiny or boasting tons of dials, it still manages to grab attention and impress watch enthusiasts.

The best feature of this watch is the perfect design and mechanism for travelers. If you’re always traveling around the world – then you’ll love this watch for sure.

Want to know why? Then keep reading!

Why Orient Polaris GMT Watches?

Few things attract more in a watch than a simple yet gorgeous design and a practical set of dials. Well, that’s what you get with this model. Here are a few things you’ll love about it:

Displays Two Times at Once

Unlike most other watches in the market, the GMT Polaris has two sets of hands that you can use to display two times at once.

Yes, that’s something you don’t often get – so it feels like a fantastic feature to enjoy.

If you’re constantly traveling and need to go from one time zone to another, then you’ll love having the chance to keep perfect time tracked in the process.

Exquisite Style

Being a modest high-end watch, you wouldn’t expect any less than a superb design overall – and it doesn’t disappoint.

You get mirror polished stainless steel accents with concentric textures on the dial – making a superb contrast. Then you get a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, along with a polished surface with the case, and beautiful yet straightforward dial.

If you like elegant watches that don’t overdo it – then this is your best bet.

Perfect for World Travelers

Considering its exquisite design and its dual-time capacity – this watch will be an excellent choice for anyone who likes to travel a lot.

Whenever you’re flying back and forth, from one country to another, and enjoying life to the max – you’ll surely want a watch that keeps the time neat. In that case, nothing compares to this one.

Add the super comfy and straightforward design, the outstanding water resistance, and a long-lasting construction overall – it stands out as one the best watches for travelers.

Things to Look for in an Orient Polaris GMT Watch

You’ll find out that this watch comes with a few things that may change from one Orient Polaris model to another. So, you may want to take them into account before deciding whether it’s a great choice or not. Here are some of those things:

Strap Style

The Polaris commonly boasts a brown faux alligator leather strap. It comes with a deployment clasp and feels utterly comfortable.

But you may also find it in black, which is a massive difference in appearance. Depending on what you prefer – make sure you get something that fits with your typical attires.

Case and Dial Color

Another thing you’ll find that changes are the color of the case and the style of the dial. You may discover rose-gold Polaris models as well as silver ones.

As for the dials, it can be white with rose-gold markers or black with white markers. Both differ exponentially as how it looks on your wrist, so be sure to get something that matches you.

Features of Orient Polaris GMT

Before you learn more about the watch, let’s go over its general features so you can be prepared to know what you’re reading about. Here’s what you should know:

Movement: Orient Caliber 40P51 automatic movement (Hand-Winding and Hacking)

Case: Hand-Polished Stainless Steel in Rose-Gold or Silver

Dial: Black with Silver Markers / White with Rose-Gold Markers / GMT Dual-Time and Date / Push-Pull Crown / 3 o’clock changes

Crystal: Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Glass

Band: Faux Alligator Leather Grain Strap / Black or Brown

Size: 42mm diameter by 11.98mm thick

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Water Resistance: 50 meters

The Case

Orient Polaris GMT Case

As soon as you set your eyes on the watch, you’ll know it is made to stand out in appearance. With a hand-polished case made of steel, it looks outstanding in either silver or rose-gold.

The case is somewhat large at 42mm. You may feel like it covers all your wrist effortlessly. Yet, it is only 11.98mm thick so you won’t get that much of a bulky piece.

For an average man with an average-sized wrist, this watch should fit perfectly. But if you have a small wrist, you may feel it is too bulky.

There’s also the push/pull crown, though. It makes adjustments easy and looks shiny alongside the entire case.

You will get a good-looking timepiece case that feels and works terrific.

The Dial

Orient Polaris GMT Dial

Protected by a sapphire crystal glass, you’ll realize how clear and well-made this dial is. It is scratch-resistant and provides maximum visibility at any time of the day.

There’s also an attractive design on the dial. With the guilloche detailing and the baton (standard hour and minutes) markings plus the GMT Arabic set – you can enjoy a clean yet practical look overall.

Yet, the real advantage comes from its dual-time system. You won’t have any problem traveling back and forth and never lose track of time.

The dial also comes with a date window that changes every day at 3 AM. And with the power-reserve indicator, you can enjoy an even more practical dial overall.

The Hands

Orient Polaris GMT Hands

One of the things that you’ll find more enticing about this watch is the number and style of the hand.

You get the standard GMT hands for the hours, minutes, and seconds. Also, you’ll be aware of the time with the most accuracy you can think of. Then you get the fourth hand that tracks a different time zone.

But that’s not enough. You can also enjoy a fifth hand that tells you the capacity of the power reserve, so you can be aware of how much battery is left on the watch.

With an exquisite pointy design and a totally visible set of markers – you can enjoy this timepiece with super-precise timing always.

The Strap

Orient Polaris GMT Strap

A comfy and good-looking bracelet will be another essential factor to think about when considering this watch. And it is not a mistake why.

You get a leather alligator grain strap. With a faux-like texture, it feels super soft on your skin. And with a deployment clasp that makes the adjustment and locking easy – you can enjoy an even more practical piece overall.

The leather strap can be either black or brown depending on what you prefer. And while it is not the easiest-to-clean material out there, it stays decently neat and will last a lifetime.

The Movement

Probably the most important attribute of this watch and why it offers such a fantastic dual-time feature – it all comes down to the Orient Caliber 40P51 movement.

Coming with 27 jewels in the mechanism, and a super-reliable system – you can enjoy a dual-time system that tracks hours, minutes, and seconds. Yet, it also manages to monitor the power left on the device for up to 40 hours, so you get an even more practical model overall.

The true advantage comes from the movement itself. Super-precise and smooth, making the whole watch look and feel way better than it is.

Water Resistance

Something else this watch stands out for is the water resistance. Despite being a mid-range model that seems just like any other watch – this one offers a decent water-resistance capacity at up to 50 meters underwater.

You can swim, dive, snorkel, and do more with it and there won’t be a single problem to worry about.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Last but not least, remember that all Orient watches come with a 1-year warranty. This is not the best warranty you’ll get in the watch market, especially for a mid-range timepiece. But it is pretty decent still.

Customer service tends to be pretty neat, though. You can ask for a return or repair using their service in which you send a message with your problem, and they’ll respond in a day or two with a response. They’ll tell you whether it’s worth repairing, replacing, or if they’re refunding the piece.

Bottom Line

Considering all its significant factors and the exquisite design it offers, you can easily say this is one of the best watches of its kind.

In this Orient Polaris GMT review, you have everything there’s to know about it – so you can decide whether it’s worth buying or not.

For us, it’s a total bargain. So, you will likely love it as well.

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