Best Sekonda Watches Review (Updated, 2022)

Sekonda is a brand that has a lot of options to choose from. All of these watches had different features and are manufactured differently. Which watch you choose is completely up to you.

But there are some factors that you need to keep in mind before you buy one so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Best sekonda watches at a glance:

  • Best overall – Sekonda Bracelet Sports Watch 1624
  • Best for formal and informal use – Sekonda Men’s Quartz Watch
  • Best for regular use – Sekonda Watch 3347.27
  • Most scratches and damage protected – Sekonda Watch 1224
  • Best long lasting watch – Sekonda Women’s Quartz Watch
  • Best gift for women – Sekonda Women’s Quartz Watch with Blue Dial

Sekonda Men’s Bracelet Sports Watch 1624

Sekonda Mens Bracelet Sports Watch 1624

You can’t help but look at this fun and sporty watch and think about a Rolex Submariner. If you love watches that are easy to wear, are sturdy and also look great, you’ll love this one.

The 1624 is made with stainless steel, which gives the product sturdiness and longevity. Completed with a Pepsi bezel and laminated hour markers for easy view even in darkness, this watch is perfect for regular use.

You also get crown guards and a date window at the 3-hour mark. So the product does tick off all of the boxes for being a great watch. Deployant clasp system allows you to wear and take off this watch with ease. Stainless steel belts allow airflow and keep your wrists sweat-free throughout the day.

Although made for regular wear, this model can easily be carried with semi-formal wear for meetings or small gatherings. Playful and spirited watches like these are a must-have in any man’s collection.

Sekonda Men’s Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and Brown Leather Strap

Sekonda Men's Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and Brown Leather Strap

This model from Sekonda is one of the most popular ones for a reason. The product has two of the most current trendy and hyped about features; rose gold and leather.

A crocodile grain leather strap with a classic buckle clasp is just one of the things that pulls everyone towards it. Not only is this watch great for both formal and informal occasions, but this model can also be paired with almost any outfit. You could never go wrong with a classic brown tones watch like this.

Secondly, the dial that is rose gold is unique. Leather and rose gold is a new and interesting combination that works surprisingly well together to give you that serious, elegant, and both fun and easy-going look.

Besides that, this watch also has great features like being built with a mineral glass cover to be scratch-proof and having long hour handles that are easy to read in the dark.

Sekonda Men’s Watch 3347.27

Sekonda Men's Watch 3347.27

If you’re searching for the perfect everyday watch for rough and regular use that won’t break on you easily and can be worn in extreme climate conditions, look no further.

Crafted with a thick nylon strap, this is one of the sturdiest watches from Sekonda. Nylon is known to be comfortable to wear as the material is breathable. So wearing a watch like this for a long period won’t be hard for you.

Coming to the dial, there are two circles of numbers, one for the 12 hours reading and one for the 24-hour reading. A crown on the side is big enough to grip and adjust and is also protected by a small guard.

Both the hour markings and hands are lumed so that they can be read in low light. To conclude, there is a date window at the 6-hour mark. This watch is also scratch-resistant, prone to getting cracks and waterproof for up to 50m.

Sekonda Men’s Watch 1224

Sekonda Mens Watch 1224

Watches at a price like this rarely come with quartz movement. So we’re all getting lucky with these Sekonda watches run on quartz movement and are known to be quite smooth and long-lasting.

This model, in particular, is a clean, simple, fresh, and sophisticated one. Like many of the other watches from Sekonda, this one too can be paired with a lot of different outfits. Stainless steel is what makes up the majority of the parts of this watch.

Starting from the band, the hour markers, hands, and also crown, everything is made with stainless steel. This gives the watch a cool monochrome look. A blue dial adds a pop of color and fun into the watch. Also, you get both a day and a date window at the 3-hour mark that is not too loud and big but is easy to read at a glance.

Made with a mineral sapphire coated crystal glass, your watch is protected from scratches and damage.

Sekonda Women’s Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and PU Strap

Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and PU Strap

Who doesn’t love Swarovski? A watch that is rose gold, silver-toned, and bejeweled with Swarovski crystals is all anyone could ask for.

This model is a new release from the brand catered towards younger people. Swarovski crystals embellished on the whole band of this watch give the product enough bling to catch anyone’s attention. Also, paired with a rose gold dial and silver and rose gold-toned band, this watch is a must-have for any woman.

A fun and feminine watch that you can wear to parties and small gatherings can come in handy at any time. If you think that this is too much for you to handle, there are more variations of the same model to choose from.

Besides being downright gorgeous, this watch also has great performance. Featuring a quartz movement and sapphire crystal glass, this watch will last you years. Being waterproof for up to 50 m also increases the longevity of this one.

Sekonda Women’s Quartz Watch with Blue Dial Analogue Display and Blue PU Strap 2144.27

Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with Blue Dial Analogue Display and Blue PU Strap 2144.27

Designed with diamante stone and a dark blue hue, this is another one of Sekonda’s classics for women.

This deep blue watch can be worn to both parties and the office as although the model is fun and colorful, it is not too loud and is sophisticated. To add to the good looks of this watch, the dial is tinted rose gold. What more could you ask for?

The dial is kept simple and only has a few stone embellishments on the 12-hour mark. Other than that, the dial is clean and looks quite classy.

Made with sapphire coated crystal class, this one will stay with you for quite some time. Quartz movement and stainless steel bezel and case also help protect your precious watch. Other factors, such as being scratch-resistant and waterproof, also apply.

A chic and exclusive watch like this will be a great gift for any woman.

Things to Look for in a Sekonda Watch

Strap Material

Watches of different strap materials are available in the market now. You can get leather, stainless steel, nylon, rubber, mesh, and a lot more. Choose where and with what you are going to be wearing the watch to make sure that the watch does not look out of place.


You never know when your watch will get in contact with water. So to prevent damage, get a waterproof watch.

Type of Movement

Japanese Automatic movement and quartz movement are some of the few movements that keep your watch running for a longer time smoothly.


No matter what type and style of watch you chose, always make sure to prioritize comfort more than fashion. You’ll probably be wearing your watch for a long time, so get watches you are comfortable with. Sekonda has many options that you could choose from.

Glass Type

Sapphire glasses or sapphire coated crystal glasses can be a good option to keep your watch scratch-free. This also makes the glass hard to get cracks on and acts as a protection.

Warranty and Customer Service

Sekonda is a brand that gives high priority to its customers. No matter how old the watch you take them to is, they will always be happy to help.

The brand offers you a free repair and exchange option for up to two years of the purchase. Any defects that the watch has, which is caused by the company, will be repaired free of charge. Keep in mind that batteries, straps, and damage caused by accidents are not covered in by Sekonda.

Also, if you decide to take your watch to a third party that is not partnered with Sekonda to fox your watch, the brand will not be liable for any alterations of adjustments that they make. Your warranty will become invalid. If the problem is too severe, the company will even exchange the watch for a brand new one.

Getting in touch with Sekonda to avail of these is not hard at all. All of the information that you need to contact them is given on their website. Email addresses, hotline numbers, and addresses are all mentioned for your benefit. The customer service is also quite quick to respond and helpful.

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Bottom Line

Sekonda watches are known to be sturdy and durable. What else would you expect from a watch made with such precision and care?

They’re a brand that knows what they are doing, and that puts a lot of effort into making each customer happy.

Now that you can see how much variety their collection has and how beautiful each of them is, we’re sure you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying one.

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