Stauer Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Stauer Men’s Watches might be new, but they have made a good name for themselves and are worth every penny you spend on them. Now, all you have to do is pick the right design for yourself.

Why Stauer Watches?

Here are the reasons why you should go for a Stauer watch:


Stauer is new in the timepiece business. However, even though it’s new, it is slowly rising up the market. If you are looking for high-end watches but are held by the hefty price tags on them, then Stauer is the perfect choice for you. The company is known for making exceptional products at the most affordable prices.


Though these are less expensive, you get to choose from a wide variety of options. The options include vintage, chronographs, etc. And, we assure you that each one of them will keep you hooked to them.

Plus, the watches are made in such a manner that they are capable of complementing both casual and sophisticated looks. In addition to all that, with the company, you get numerous options such as resins, leathers, nylon/silicon, metal, etc. Thus, allowing you to choose the watch that suits your style.


In addition to all these, the makers of Stauer watch focus mainly on history. They make watches using the old styles and methods. And, when you see their watches, it has a touch of vintage in them.

Things to Look for in a Stauer Watch

Stauer is a relatively new watch company that offers decent watches at a fair price, but before making the purchase, there are a few things you have to take a look at.


The material it is made with is going to make a huge difference to the final price and your look. If it is made of something a bit cheaper, then the price will automatically be lower. However, if the material is more costly, then its price will be higher. A steel or leather belt is also something you should look into.


The type of dial your watch has a very big impact on the overall look. If the dial is plainer, then you will have a more simple look, and the more details added will only add to your look.


Take a look at the type of battery you are getting with the watch. You really do not want to keep changing it.

Top 7 Stauer Watches Reviews

If you are confused between which watch to pick, then worry no more as we have come up with 7 of the best Stauer watch reviews. Let’s get started.

Junkers Men’s Watches 6960-5

If you are on the lookout for a classic analog watch, then you should definitely take a look at the Junkers Men’s Watches. The 6960-5, in particular, is something that is going to go really well with just about anything you wear, which is why this is a very good option to look into.

The watch has a brown leather belt, which has become a fashion statement in today’s world, you can easily pair it up with brown shoes and take a look out of it. Along with the brown belt, you will enjoy the look of the stainless-steel case with a black dial. It is the perfect combination.

All of that added with the 42mm case diameter, you have yourself just the right watch for all the events. The look isn’t the only thing to go for in this watch, it is also water-resistant, so if you do get caught in the rain, there is nothing to worry about.

Stauer Men’s Bimini Watch with Stainless-Steel Case

The Stauer Men’s Bimini Watch is especially known for the Italian leather belt. This some, not something you will commonly get in watches, but it is a look of its own, and you will easily be able to tell that it is different from other watches.

Another selling point of the watch is the stainless-steel casing. This makes it a very good watch to have in case you want to make sure this lasts for a very long time. And truth be told, who wouldn’t want their expensive purchases to last years?

Let us not forget about the rose gold finish of the watch, which really sets it apart from the others.

This, too, is water-resistant, so you are safe from the water!

Stauer Men’s Stainless-Steel Evergreen Diver Watch

More and more people nowadays prefer a stainless steel watch than the one with a leather belt. And for that, the Evergreen Stainless Steel Watch from Stauer Men’s is a great option. The added green color, is all the accent your look needs, thanks to the watch.

Both the casing and the dial are green with gold detailing. This could very easily be thought of as a vintage piece. Something that looks absolutely timeless yet seems to fit well with just about anything you decide to wear. The width of the band is 19mm, which would look very good and would stand out.

Along with all that, the watch has a window at 3 o’clock, which shows the date. It might not be a very significant feature, but it does add an extra bit to the whole thing.

Stauer Men’s Alta Swiss Movement Gold Ingot Watch with Leather Band

More or less, we see men wearing round watches, but there are other designs to choose from. Which is what the Alta Swiss Movement watch provides us with. The shape of it is of a rectangle, very different from the normal ones seen on men.

Not only is the shape different from others, but there is a story that dates back and tells why 100% pure gold was added to the dial. Well, they say the rarest thing has invaluable gold in it. And that is exactly what this watch is. Rare, the finest, and dear to the one who owns it.

The belt of this watch is about 9.5 inches long, so it should fit almost everyone.

Stauer Men’s X-Ray Automatic Watch with Black Crocodile EmbossedLeather

This particular watch is mostly simple; it is round in shape with a leather belt. But the leather belt is not the most normal looking one; it is a crocodile embossed leather belt that adds some features to the watch.

Long with the belt, the dial of this watch is very different. It is not like the regular plain kind; the dial is detailed with intricate designs of gold and silver. This overall adds a lot of character to the watch, and that adds to the wearer’s character as well.

You will find a sun and mood dial by the 3 o’clock window and dual-time dial by the 9 o’clock one. All these together make for a great watch indeed.

Stauer Men’s Automatic Movement 1930 Dashtronic Watch

The Dashtronic is a watch that is unlike anything you have ever seen before in your life. To be honest, it looks a bit like a weighing scale; only it is more refined and, of course, better. It uses kinetic power to function, which is different from all other watches.

As for the belt of the watch, it is an alligator embossed authentic leather belt, which really compliments all kinds of looks. And the casing is made of stainless steel, so you do not have to worry about it catching rust or something like that.

The technology behind this watch is pretty magnificent, and you are sure to start up an easy conversion about the watch with just about anyone.

Stauer Men’s Swiss Noire Bienne Gold Finished Watch

You might be a fan of classic watches, and that is exactly what the Swiss Noire Bienne Gold-Finished Watch is all about. It really is a timeless piece with the gold color. You might have seen something like this around your grandfather’s hand. But it is also something you will very easily be able to pull off.

The hour markers and the hands are glow-in-the-dark, so even if there is no light, you will be able to tell the time without a problem. Along with that, there is a date window at 3 o’clock.

You are sure to like this watch if you are into vintage things.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Stauer assures superb customer service. All their service executives are well trained and have a rich knowledge regarding their products. Hence, if you ask them regarding any problems with your watch, we assure you that they will provide all the necessary pieces of information to help you.

And, each of the representatives is well behaved, unlike numerous customer services, where you will end up with a rude executive who is of no help. The customer service of Stauer is far different from them. Stauer assures that each one of the customer service members will provide the fullest cooperation in the nicest way.

Stauer comes with a two-year warranty. Most of the product from Stauer has quartz movement. So, any problem with the mechanics of the watch, gears of the watch, quartz movement malfunction, or build-up of unwanted particles, the company will properly deal with it for the next two-years.

And, for a very small fee, they are one of those few companies that offer to extend the warranty.

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