Timex Allied Coastline Review (Updated, 2022)

The Timex has a long history of watch manufacturing. If you trace its roots, the history goes back as far as 160 years.

Today, Timex watches are known to be reliable and budget-friendly. But to be frank, they are not known for style or design. And with Timex Allied Coastline, there is no difference from what they have been offering, but there are few facts that might interest you.

What You Are Going to Learn?

Here we have reviewed those same facts of Timex Allied Coastline in detail.

You will learn about the design, performance, and some unique features that you get only with this watch. Again, you will also learn things that do not work for the watch.

Based on the review, you can decide if the watch is for you or not.

Why Timex Allied Coastline?

What makes the Timex Allied Coastline different from other watches is the hybrid design. This design uses some features of aviator and dive watches.

In addition, to make the watch readable in low light watch sports Indiglo Lume dial. It is exclusively designed by Timex for its wide range of watches.

These features put the watch way ahead in the budget watch segment. If you are not impressed by these features, one thing Timex always manages to do is to give users an option that looks stylish as well as classic but does not burn a hole in their pocket.

Things to Look for in a Timex Allied Coastline Watch

Let’s quickly glance through the important things you can expect in Timex Allied Coastline:

  • Great combination of aviator and dive watch design
  • Use of Indiglo Lume dial with a luminescent minute and hour hands
  • Simplistic unidirectional bezel timer
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters depth, which is not a prominent feature for watches priced around $100

The Timex Allied Coastline Specs

Here are the key features of the watch:

  • 43 mm diameter
  • 12 mm thickness
  • 20 mm lug width
  • Round Shape
  • Brass case
  • Stainless steel back cap
  • Quartz Dial movement
  • Mineral dial window
  • 19 mm bandwidth

The Dial

The dial is simple, and you can read the time in one glance. Furthermore, the font size of the numericals used on the dial is large enough to read. You can check the time in both 12-hour and 24-hour format for most of the variants.

However, there are a few variants that do not use any kind of numerical. Instead, they use large white dots. The color used for the numerical and markers is in white across all variants. But the color for the background may be blue or black, depending on the variant.

This contrast between markers and background makes it easy to see the time. You do get a date window like any other watch. However, the date window is hard to find as it is almost hidden next to the numerical “3”.

Timex Allied Coastline Dial

The use of contrasting colors can make the dial stand out against the background. Additionally, the design of the hands seems odd. Especially, the hour hand seems like it has been cut from the middle.

However, the second hand has an arrow-like design that gels well with the aviator-cum-dive design.

Both minute and hour hands have luminescent material to make the hands glow in the dark. However, the feature is not necessary because it has the standard Timex Indiglo Lume.

To put the Indiglo in action, all you have to do is press the crown, and the background lights up.

A mix of a blue background and luminescent green hands give a unique look to the watch.

The Case, Bezel and Bracelet

Brass was used instead of stainless steel for the case which does give a feeling of a cheap product. But you have to understand it is a budget watch, not a premium watch.

Timex Allied Coastline Case
Timex Allied Coastline Case

The good thing is that – matte finish compensates for the unpopular brass construction. Also, it is comforting to see the stainless steel back cover.

As far as the bezel is concerned, it is one of those budget watches that has a functional drive timer. Just turn it anti clockwise, and your timer is set. You’ll also hear the typical clicking sound of the timer when you turn it.

Depending on the variations, you get four types of bracelets:

  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Silicone

The metal variant is made of stainless steel and uses fold over clasps.

Timex Allied Coastline Bracelet

Some colored finish would have made it look even better.

The fabric variant is available in red. There is not much information about the material of the fabric, but it does look durable. However, fabric variant is the best-looking unit of the Allied Coastline series because of the powerful color combination of red and black.

Finally, you can also go for leather and silicon straps. But hey look like any other classical watch.

The Quartz Movement

The Timex Allied Coastline uses quartz movement, which is much better than the automatic movement. Automatic movement tends to be less accurate than the quartz movement.

Also, quartz watches require low maintenance and have a much longer battery life than watches using manual or automatic movement. Even the prices of quartz watches are much lower than the automatic watches.

Timex doesn’t provide more detail on where the quartz movement is designed. But looking at the worldwide operation of Timex, it could be multiple locations.

Water Resistance and Dive Watch Specs

For a watch to be classified as the dive watch, it has to be 200m water-resistant.

This watch is 100 mm water-resistant, which means you can go for a swim anywhere with the watch on your wrist. But underwater diving is a big no.

One thing you have to admit, the watches in this price range are not usually 100 m water-resistant. So, users looking for a budget water-resistant watch, we highly recommend it.

Color Choices and Style Options

In terms of options, you get five different choices.

You have two variants with a steel bracelet. The bracelet color is the same, but the dial color is different. You can either go for the blue or black dial.

And if you choose to go for the other strap material, you have three different options. You can go for fabric, leather, or silicone straps. All have black dials, but the texture and color of all three straps differ.

As far as the color of the hands is concerned, there is not much difference. All use white color, but the fabric and silicon version have a little hint of red.

There is one major difference we observed for fabric and silicon variants. Both use white dots to denote hours. Other variants use numbers in both 24-hours and 12-hour format.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

We refer to the official Timex website to get the exact information on the warranty for this watch.

The web page on product warranty states that all the Timex product has one year warranty from the date of purchase.

Watch is only replaceable if the part or component is not available. Otherwise, the required repair job will be done free of any charge.

Bottom Line

If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a watch but still need a classic looking watch, go for the Timex Allied Coastline. However, if you think it is only a diver watch, you would be making a wrong assumption.

It is not a 100% diver watch. It only uses design elements of diver watch and not more than that.

Ignoring that fact, it is a very good watch to have for regular use because it is long-lasting and requires very little maintenance.

Also, it has some unique features like Indiglo, which not many watches have in this price range.

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